We use the latest equipment and technology to ensure we remain at the forefront of industry – delivering you exceptional results.

Who we work with

The key industries we undertake laser cutting for are:

agriculture – creating parts for machinery, drawn in kit form by our customers. We thoroughly check that slots and tabs mesh perfectly to aid ease of manufacture.
retail specialising in packing to limit damage and reworks. This usually has a short timeframe.
automotive – completing prototypes to full production runs with a very quick turnaround.

Fibre laser cutting machinery

Our state-of-the-art Bystronic 12Kw Fibre Laser Cutting Machines excel at cutting through all types of metals – including brass (12mm), copper (15mm), mild steel (25mm), stainless steel (30mm) and aluminium (30mm). So all your parts have a superior finish, regardless of the thickness.

ByStar Fibre Laser Cutter

Our groundbreaking ByStar Fibre Laser Cutter can cut thick to thin metal, using intelligent sensor technology and flawless automation. It is cohesively joined up to our advanced software system for an accurate result that matches your exact specifications, time and time again.

You also benefit from time savings due to an increase in production capacity of 25% – resulting from the automatic nozzle changing facility. And cut control that delivers the shortest possible piercing time thanks to pierce trough detection, which also ensures there’s no waste. The detection eye also reduces non-productive time due to exceptionally fast and precise edge detection.

High-precision BeamShaper

The BeamShaper function delivers outstanding quality cutting for thick steel plates of up to 30mm. The laser beam can be perfectly adjusted to various sheet thicknesses and metal types. This results in enhanced quality, and an increase in cutting speeds of up to 20%.

3D fibre laser cutting equipment

We use cutting-edge BLM LT7 tube lasers for our 3D fibre cutting, because there’s simply nothing better. They can cut:

  • lengths up to 7,350mm as they are capable of storing bars up to 7,500mm
  • a diameter of 12–152mm
  • a combined wall thickness of 12mm (mild steel)

Rapid 3D fibre laser cutting

With the BLM LT7, production is swift and uninterrupted thanks to the tube changing automatically. And, as each part batch completes, the spindle, loader, steady rest and supports cleverly adapt to the next section that’s being cut.

Programming couldn’t be easier or quicker either, as we can upload your STEP files and have the job ready to go in a matter of minutes.

The time you save in cycle times and labour are significant – up to a huge 70% in many circumstances.

Impeccable 3D laser cutting accuracy

Our BLM LT7 3D laser cutter is extremely accurate, resulting in uniform and reliable parts, batch after batch. This impeccable accuracy can even remove the need for welding jigs – or the welding process in its entirety.

In addition, traditional machining operations – such as sawing, punching, drilling, deburring, milling and notching ­– can result in mistakes which are compounded with each new process. These lasers eliminate every one of these stages, and the associated time it takes to complete them all.

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