We use the latest CNC folding technology to bend your parts into intricate and accurate shapes.

You can be assured of superior results as we only use the very best pressbrakes on the market.


We use equipment made by Bystronic – a global leader in sheet metal processing technology. It’s complemented by a full suite of Bystronic tools that are tailor-made to be used with the machines, and can bend parts into intricate shapes with incredible precision.

Unbeatable quality

Our bending equipment includes:

• the Bystronic Xpert 320
• the Bystronic Xpert 200
• the Bystronic Xpert 40 with mobile bending robots

These models benefit from:

• air bending technology – which is faster and more economical than bottom bending and means less contact with tooling, resulting in less surface damage
• ultimate precision – thanks to a compensation systems eliminate these errors
• state-of-the-art dynamic crowning – to make corrections in real time using the latest sensor technology

Exceptional machines

These exceptional machines work seamlessly with our innovative software – such as BySoft 7 – to produce outstanding results.

This advanced technology, combined with our years of experience, means we can provide a first-class metal forming service that can’t be beaten on quality.

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